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Safe Saint Paul

Safe Saint Paul

Statement from the St. Paul Police Federation 
President Dave Titus about Pat Harris’ public safety plan

October 9, 2017
Contact: Patrick Connolly 
(612) 669-2296 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Today is an important day for the city as we get closer to Election Day. As the people of Saint Paul prepare to make an important decision about who will lead this community at such a critical time, Pat Harris has created a comprehensive plan to deal with gun violence and a real vision for how to make our city and our neighborhoods safe.

Pat understands we have a crisis in our community and he has created a thoughtful and complex plan that not only will help address the challenge of gun violence, but will create a broader view of how to deal with crime and safety across all of Saint Paul. This is also more than just a plan. It is needed leadership to help us deal with a crisis that is threatening our residents, our neighborhoods, and the fabric of our city. It’s why the dedicated public safety professionals who serve Saint Paul support Pat and know he is the right person the lead this community.

The crime statistics from this year are horrific in our city. We are seeing a dramatic increase in gun violence, hundreds of guns being recovered, and a record number of 911 calls. Our veteran officers have never seen gun violence like what they are dealing with every day across the entire city. It’s beyond alarming and why Saint Paul needs a leader that not only understands the challenge but has a thoughtful way to address it.

While we desperately need more officers, we also know that Saint Paul cannot police its way out of this challenge. We need the right mayor who will bring all of us together with real leadership and the right approach. This plan shows the voters that Pat Harris is clearly the best person to lead our community.”

2016 City Council Candidate Endorsements


At over 650 strong, excluding only the Chiefs, the Federation represents all sworn and Saint Paul Emergency Communication professionals. Candidates met with our screening committee last month and recommendations were brought before the membership early this week.

After thorough discussions and testimony, votes were taken and the below candidates won overwhelmingly, with no opposing votes.

“We believe the leadership of these endorsed candidates will make for a safer Saint Paul”, said President Titus.

The Federation endorsed City Council candidates are:

Ward 2: Rebecca Noecker
Ward 3: Chris Tolbert
Ward 5: David Glass
Ward 6: Dan Bostrom